New Legislation in the Farming Industry

Positive Effects of New Legislation in the Farming Industry

At Meatex, we are pleased with the new legislation in the farming industry, and proposals that  have recently been brought in by the UK government to increase standards. These include opportunities for international trading for meat, labelling meat packages and encouraging farmers to sell old season lambs.

The legislation proposed by The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Simon Coveney, came into force on the 1st April 2015. and this legislation requires food business operators to place food labels on the meat stating where it is from. This progressive step is good for the farming industry as it will enable consumers to be more aware of where the meat comes from, which will help to ‘increase transparency for consumers’.

Recently, farmers have been encouraged to sell their old season lambs faster to avoid losing out financially.  Once the lambs reach over 12 months their teeth begin to grow which takes a lot of time to inspect and decreases the value of the lamb. National standards Agency (NSA) are confident this will reduce the current time and cost of checking age by teeth.  This will enable farmers to sell better nurtured lambs to consumers.

Additionally, there have been opportunities for red meat exports in China due to recent growing demands according to EBLEX. This will help to increase international trading in the Chinese market and help secure profits especially for beef and lamb in the future. This will enable better salaries and employment opportunities for farmers in the UK.