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Online Tools For The Farming Industry – The Meatex Round-up.

Here at Meatex, we’ve worked in the meat industry for over 40 years and throughout that time have always been passionate about the benefits that technology can bring to the industry both in terms of cost reduction and improved efficiency.  Meatex is the website for connecting people in the meat industry, and below is a great selection of other farming industry tools that also help people in the meat and farming industries to perform their work better, and run more profitable businesses.

We have chosen the best online tools for the farming industry which could work the best for your farming business. Lets start with our top result, as its a little better known than the others-


McDonalds Free Online Tool

McDonalds have recently designed a new digital business tool to help farmers save money and think about their strategies and their whole marketing plan a little deeper. The tool which has been designed is called “What if?” One thing which makes this tool slightly different from others tools is, it compares up to 10% of your surrounding farms and what they are doing. So you can possibly see if there is something they are doing that you aren’t or vice versa. The tool has been designed not only to try and save you and build your profit but also help you find ways to decrease C02 emission. When McDonalds put a Dorset farmer on a trial of this app, it was recorded he saved profits of nearly £10,000, £9,917 to be precise. It goes to show those small ‘what if’ changes can sometimes make such a huge potential difference.

What if

 Herd Management Calendar

Our next one from the selection of online tools for the farming industry has been designed by AHDB. They have a range of different tools available for your farming business. The first one we are going to talk about it their Herd Management Calendar. This effective tool is a way to calculate and keep track of your herd – You can add an unlimited amount of herds from your spring to autumn collection. You can also keep track of any vet appointments, their feeds, any cost reduction ways, and much more. It is a yearly calendar giving you weekly reminders on everything to-do with your cattle.

Herd management

 Flock Management Calendar

Very much like the Herd Management Calendar, there is a Flock Management Calendar performing many of the same functions as the herd calendar, but it is designed specifically for your sheep, and makes sure you are looking after and improving any farming business techniques.

Estimated Breeding Value Tool

AHDB have also designed online training tools to help you as farmers to improve knowledge on EBV (Estimated breeding values) so when it comes to buying animals, you have modern technology to back up your own knowledge and ensure you’re buying and selling at the right rates. The website offers training tools as well as up to date information on latest market prices.


 Sheep Carbon Footprint

Finally, Alltech have have designed a tool for improving carbon footprint within a farm. It is called Sheep Carbon Footprint and it basically manages and assess certain aspects of your business which could be improved and positively changed. By adjusting certain values and seeing their outcome you can  assess what you can do to be more eco-friendly. As well as environmental benefits,  this can lead to cost saving and

Carbon footprint


If you notice it is sponsored by the same company as McDonalds app, which was mentioned earlier. “AllTech ECO2” As well as supporting other huge farming industries with their online farming tools, they have also got their own tools which base themselves more around the McDonalds “What if” Tool including:

what if So there we have our round-up of different online tools for you to use to help improve your farming business. Let us know on Twitter ( @meatex1) which is your favourite and and if any others were helpful for you.