the drone

The Future Of Farming Tools – The “Drone”


Recently Meatex have been reading a lot of articles which indicate a new wave of technology for the farming world. This “new” farming tool is actually not as “new” as it may seem – In fact, it was revolutionary during the 1920’s and farmers brought in over £15 thousand in revenue. Now, it has creeped back in and is again changing the way farming is done.

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Could Meat Suppliers And Retailers Lose Businesses Due To New Meat Labelling Laws?

Late December of last year, there was a press release on how food retailers and meat suppliers could be in danger of being fined for their meat labelling and how truthful it is. – It is certainly true that everybody wants to know what they are eating and where is has come from and with the new law which has been put in place for businesses to-do so, people may become more comfortable buying cheaper produce.

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