AHDB statement in response to report on processed and red meat

Recently there has been a lot of questioning and debate around the statement which says red and processed meats are just as dangerous as smoking and can in fact cause Cancer – However here at Meatex we wanted to look into this new statistic more and found a statement from AHDB which indicates this is not the case.

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Campaign to promote beef, lamb and mini-roasts

This Autumn, a £1 Million campaign was spent on TV and Online Advertising to promote QSM – (Quality Standard Mark)  Red Tractor lamb and beef.

AHDB Beef & Lamb Jetpack Journey Home advertisements will be back on our screens this coming November. It was first aired last year as a campaign to promote beef, lamb and mini-roasts to show how quickly your end of the week meal can be made quick and easy. The campaign was supported by digital and press advertising. A PR campaign was also conducted to broaden to consumer marketing.

Over a five week period on Channels 4/5,  ITV, and SKY 10, 30 second video versions will be used to advertise the campaign. It is scheduled to run from November 2nd so keep your eyes open for it!