Supermarket deal sees Simon Howie haggis sold across UK

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Perthshire butcher Simon Howie is toasting the growing popularity of haggis across the UK as the company lands a six figure deal which will see company’s tradional dish on supermarket shelves in England and Wales.

The contract with Tesco, worth £670,000, will see the firm’s haggis in premium positions across the retailing giant’s 776 stores across England and Wales for the first time.

England and Wales now accounts for 60% of Simon Howie’s haggis sales – an increase of 6% from the previous year.

Howie’s market share of haggis now stands at 53% of all haggis sold during the traditional Burns night celebrations, with the company set to deliver the equivalent of 3.5 million individual portions – beating the previous record set for sales in 2019 by 200,000.

Simon Howie is also toasting a growing taste for the savoury pudding south of the border, with 60% of their haggis now sold in England and Wales, up 6% from the previous year.


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