GB pig prices for week ending January 18, 2020 – limited movement again in the SPP

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The EU-spec SPP has recorded another marginal decline in the week January 18. The average price declined by 0.09p on the week.

Prices typically fall early in the year; the five-year average decline of over the first three weeks is 2.7p. This reflects poorer demand at this time, and the potential for excess supply if too many pigs are rolled over the holiday period. This year, prices have barely moved, losing just 0.13p. The SPP remains well above both last year, and the five-year average.


Slaughter continued to rise, with the weekly estimate at 186,900 head. This is over 12,000 pigs more than at the same point last year. Reports suggest that demand was relatively steady, which would be expected at this time of year. Despite a recent lull, processors are expecting that exports to China will lift again in the coming weeks.

Carcase weights dropped back from last week (-130g) to average 86.3kg. Carcase weights tend to creep up over the festive period as pigs are rolled to accommodate processors’ kill schedules over the festive period.

In the week ending January 11, the EU-spec APP recorded some uplift, to average 163.97p/kg. In the same week the SPP recorded a slight decline. As such, the difference between the two widened to 1.57p.

For the week ending January 18, the 7kg weaner prices recorded a considerable lift on the week, putting prices almost £7 above the same week last year. Unfortunately, there was insufficient data to provide a 30kg weaner price this week.

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