GB pig prices for week ending January 25, 2020 – SPP up for the first time in 2020

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AHDB Pork’s weekly pig prices, slaughter data and commentary for Great Britain

In the week ended January 25, the EU-spec SPP moved upwards (+0.23p). This increase pushes it about 24p higher than both the previous year and the 5-year average.


The increase in price was particularly influenced by a 2.07p increase in prices for pigs 100kg and over, to 148.30p/kg. There were also fewer pigs in this weight band, which despite the increase still averages well below the overall average.

Average carcase weights fell this week (-550g) to 85.75kg. Despite the reduction, it is still over 200g higher than last year.

Estimated slaughter for the week totalled 184,000 head, 2,900 head lower than the previous week.

The EU-spec APP rose in the week ended January 18, in contrast to the SPP which dropped in this week. As such the gap between the SPP and APP widened from last week to 2.08p.

For the week ended January 25, the 7kg weaner price dropped back, though the price is over £7/head above last year and the 5-year average. Unfortunately, the sample size was too small to publish a 30kg weaner price.


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