Uproar as students vote to implement beef ban on campus

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The University of Edinburgh Students Association is the latest body to join the anti-meat campaign following a bad-tempered meeting where agricultural students were denied a voice before being shown the door.

The student body was discussing a motion ‘To cease the sale of all beef products in Student Association cafes and restaurants.’

An accompanying motion demanded the University followed suit in all its catering outlets.

The motions were backed by various ’statistics’ gleaned from sources such as the BBC website, anti-farming activist George Monbiot and his employer, the Guardian newspaper.

Although 17 agricultural students attended the meeting intending to oppose the motion they were they were not allowed to speak.

Most were subsequently escorted out of the building on the hotly denied grounds that they were not matriculated students.

John McCulloch, a Scotland’s Rural College (SRC) student branded the result of the debate, which saw the motion passed by 51 percent of those allowed to vote as ‘an absolute joke’.


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