Meat and two veg revealed to be most popular meal among adults in Ireland

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VEGANISM MIGHT be in vogue but, when it comes to cooking the evening meal, old habits die hard in Ireland.

Figures produced by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, revealed the classic “meat and two veg” was the number one evening meal type eaten by adults in 2019, accounting for 11% of all adult evening meals across the average week.

Chicken dishes and pasta with sauce meals, such as Spaghetti Bolognese, were in 2nd and 3rd spot at 10%.

The findings were gleaned from a nationally representative online survey of over 1,000 Irish consumers charting eating habits.

It resulted in a sample of 5,925 adult and 1,841 child evening meals collected over seven consecutive days.

Pasta with sauce meals, such as Spaghetti Bolognese, was the number one meal type eaten by children, accounting for 14% of all evening meals.

Red meat was the most popular meat consumed in Irish households, with 29% of all adult meals including red meat, although chicken follows closely behind at 21%.

Incidence of fish within all meals was at 7%. However, this increased to 11% on Fridays demonstrating it is still a popular evening meal choice.

Commenting on the growing influence of health and wellness trends on dietary choices, Bord Bia Consumer Insight Specialist, Grace Binchy said: “When it comes to evening meals, this comprehensive study captures a clear intent to make healthy and socially responsible food choices and people believe they are regularly doing so.

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