Factory unreliability and coronavirus impact as SPP creeps up

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Factory unreliability and uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak are both affecting the pork market, according to Thames Valley Cambac’s latest pig marketing summary.

A ‘not unsubstantial’ number of pigs had to be rolled into this trading week, as factory unreliability reared its head last week, for vague reasons in some cases, TVC said.

Supplies remained on the tight side with some producers forecasting lower numbers in the future, while demand was patchy with some of the majors worried that Far East exports could be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Others were more optimistic and all pigs were placed. All contract price contributions stood on, and the SPP edged up slightly. The fresh meat market was steady, with little spark in demand from the high street. Cull sow prices were stand on, reflecting a stable continental market.

European markets were stand on in general but prices in sterling were enhanced by a stronger Euro which ended the week up 0.55p at 84.72p.

Supply and demand continued to be out of line for weaners, with any supplies outside contract arrangements struggling to command a decent bid.

The prices announced by the AHDB saw a 30kg store pig quoted at £57.96, and the weighted average for a 7kg weaner fall by 28p to £41.72.




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