‘Attacks on red meat are making livestock farmers feel worthless’ – NFU president

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Activism and misinformation about agriculture reported by the media is ‘number one’ on farmers’ lists of concerns and is contributing to mental health issues.

Using her podium at the NFU Conference to highlight the vitriol directed at farmers, union president Minette Batters called for people to remember ’at the heart of every business is a family’.

Later when addressing members of the press, she said: “When I attend member meetings the thing farmers want to talk about most is what they see as this feeling of worthlessness on the back of a sustained assault on meat as part of a diet.

“I have never seen farmers so upset and it is the deepest form of upset because they feel victimised and they have not got a voice. They want us to do more for them and they want it to stop and that is what the NFU is working on.

“We are all humans and we have to be kind and we have to be careful of the real-life consequences of our words.”


Olivia Midgley

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