Liveweight lamb prices choppy, deadweight price strengthens again

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Liveweight lamb prices fell slightly in the week ending 26 February. The OSL SQQ price dropped 4p compared to a week earlier to average 234.88p/kg. This is despite continued reports of relatively tight lamb supplies in the market generally. Daily prices throughout the week were fairly volatile. Auction market throughputs fell by nearly 12% in the week to 102,400 head.

Deadweight prices followed a different trend and strengthened again in the week ending 22 February. The overall deadweight SQQ price averaged 532p/kg, over 9p higher than the week before. Estimated slaughter fell in the week, to 184,400 head, which was 18,000 head lower than the week before and 38,500 head lower than the same week last year. In the year to date, slaughter is 59,000 head behind where it was a year ago.


Duncan Wyatt


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