Farmers criticise proposed beef ban at LSE for ‘knee jerk’ response to climate change

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Following a similar but unsuccessful move at Edinburgh University (February 12), LSE has become the latest further education institution to vote for a beef ban.

At a Students’ Union meeting (February 21), students voted 243 to 170 in favour of banning beef on campus and the union now intends to lobby the university authorities to implement the change.

The vote was prompted by Phoebe Woodruff, a campus representative for PETA, she said: “More students than ever are looking to limit their environmental footprint – and cutting our meat, eggs, and dairy is the best and easiest way to do that.”

But UK farm leaders have blasted the university beef ban for misunderstanding the differences between British beef and beef produced elsewhere.

The NFU has frequently highlighted that beef production standards in the UK are the most efficient in the world and recently published myth busting fact sheets at NFU conference (February 25) to counteract misinformation spread about the sector.

Speaking at the conference, Ms Batters warned current media sentiment toward British livestock farming and climate change was a ‘deeply floored approach’.

She said: “Agriculture is the only industry that is both a source and a sink. So why cannot everyone focus on the serious challenges like our clothing, technology, cars, holidays.”

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