Costa Rica the 1st in Central America to ship pork to China

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Costa Rica is the 1st Central America country that has been allowed to export pig meat to China. Last February, a shipment left Puerto Caldera with a delivery of 24 tonnes of pork products destined for Shenzhen, Guandong province, China.

The 1st shipment includes ribs, bacon, fat, loin and ears. The trade deal places Costa Rica between a group of other American countries that are already shipping pork to China, being Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Market approval officially came in December 2019.

Opening up opportunities for pig farmers

President of the Zamora Group, Mario Garro, said to Forbes: “We are very proud of the quality we produce and we proved that we could do it, despite the challenges. The porcine industry is opening up one step into the international markets with a quality and safety of the first world.”

In local Costa Rican newspapers Alvarado was quoted as calling the 1st shipment to the world’s largest market as ‘a landmark’. He said, “It will allow new opportunities for small and medium pig farmers in Costa Rica. Furthermore, the openness helps to show the high quality of our products.”

Negotiations started in 2013 with a signature of a protocol about veterinary and sanitary practices. Next, in 2016, the Chinese authorities inspected various pig processing units.


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