Pig prices post a modest increase

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by Bethan Wilkins


The SPP rose a little in the latest week ended 7 March, with the EU-spec price reaching 163.05p/kg. Prices do generally start to show a seasonal rise at this time of year. Although so far this year, prices have not followed usual seasonal trends, remaining uncharacteristically flat.

EU prices have been increasing again recently, with farmgate prices now once again above the UK average. This may well be offering some market support.

Throughput was down on the previous week at 170,200 head, but this is 2% higher than in the corresponding week last year. Carcase weights were slightly higher on the week at 85.94kg, nearly 800g above last year.

The average price of a 7kg weaner reached £42.85/head during the week, up 65p on the week. Prices have lacked direction so far this year. The 30kg price posted a more significant weekly rise of nearly £4, to £61.95/head.

The EU-spec APP was virtually flat in the previous week ending 29 February, averaging 164.68p/kg. It recorded a slight decline, just ahead of the fall in the SPP during the same week, meaning the gap between the two prices narrowed a little.

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