ASF Poland: 2nd farm confirmed infected

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A 2nd pig farm in Western Poland is infected with African Swine Fever. This time, a 10,000 pig facility near the village of Więckowice was hit. That village is located 20 kilometres west of Poznan and over 130 kilometres from the border with Germany.

Remarkably, this farm is located outside the zone where known outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) occur in wild boar. According to the German agricultural title Top Agrar the facility is a finisher pig farm, which obtained its pigs from the 1st ASF infected farm in Western Poland. The farm had received a shipment of roughly 1,000 animals prior to the date ASF had been confirmed on this 1st facility. Because of the ASF protocol, the animals’ health had been monitored closely. For about 2 weeks, however, the pigs did not show any signs of disease.



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