Coronavirus: NFU urges retailers to promote cuts of meat in-store

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Retailers and processors have a ‘moral responsibility’ to support British farmers by promoting cuts of meat in stores as many face disruption due to Covid-19.

Promoting steaks and roasting joints, which are now in high supply due to the complete loss of the food service market, could boost farmers, NFU and NFU Cymru said.

In an open letter, NFU livestock board chairman Richard Findlay and vice-chairman Wyn Evans said that the supply chain should act in the interests of both consumers and farmers.

They reiterated that British beef and lamb is in plentiful supply but warned that ongoing high demand for products such as mince would soon become unsustainable.

In the letter, they said beef and sheep farmers are facing ‘massive and unwarranted disruption’ to their livelihoods as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“But while consumers continue to demand high quality beef and lamb, which farmers can supply, we see unsustainable returns for our livestock that are undermining the moral partnership needed between farmers, processors and retailers,” the letter reads.

“It’s clearly a national priority to ensure shoppers can feed their families and keep the nation going at this time of need.

“The farmers we represent feel passionately about contributing to this effort and we want to make sure that you and your customers are assured that British beef and lamb is in plentiful supply.”

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