Eat steak not mince to keep the beef industry afloat, NFU president says

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British people should eat steak, not mince, in order to help farmers, the head of the National Farmers’ Union has said, as she writes to Boris Johnson asking for a “buy British” button on online grocery shops.

Beef farmers are struggling while restaurants are shut, as people often indulge in high-quality cuts of meat when out for dinner. However, they are far more likely to select cheaper mince to cook in the home.

Minnette Batters told The Telegraph how readers can help farmers – by having a steak night.

She said: “We eat a lot of steaks out of home but out of retail we eat a lot of mince. We need to get people to be eating these high quality steaks – if people can have a steak night that’s  a great way to help. Have it with some great British asparagus and that’s a lovely meal!”

“I’ve never known people to be more interested in the food that they are eating than now,” she explained, adding: “I think food brings this country together and that’s the emphasis I’ll be trying to get across to Boris Johnson. It brings communities together.

“We have talked for a long time about a Buy British button for online shoppers, that would be a really important thing to do now if you are at home, you want to be able to buy seasonal and local too, we need to grow these market opportunities so people have access to more high quality British food.”

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