Government urged to support UK’s dwindling small abattoirs

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A new report has highlighted the negative impact of small abattoir closures on the rural economy and the need for greater government support.

The report comes as figures show that a third of small abattoirs have closed in the last ten years alone – with only 62 now left in the UK.

The most recent closure was only two weeks ago and many more are thought to be on the brink, struggling for survival.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) report has urged the government to support the sector with an emergency fund to avoid further closures.

It also raised concerns over the pressures on medium-sized abattoirs which have seen a 49% reduction, largely due to the growth of a small number of large abattoirs.

APGAW heard evidence from farmers about the importance of small abattoirs to the rural community and why action was needed to help prevent any further decline.

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