Hong Kong decision puts NZ beef exports at risk

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The NZ Government decision to end the extradition treaty with Hong Kong places at risk the possibility of New Zealand increasing its beef sales to China.

And Foreign Minister Winston Peters implied yesterday that New Zealand may yet impose further sanctions on China as a consequence of the passage of the Hong Kong Security Law. “We will continue to monitor the situation in Hong Kong as the law is applied,” he said. “As a result, the review of our cooperation settings with Hong Kong will be ongoing.”.

But the move has drawn a sharp rebuke from the Chinese Ambassador and comes at a time when there are suggestions in China that it prefer New Zealand over Australia for meat and other imports.

Peters said that  China’s passage of its new national security legislation had eroded rule-of-law principles, undermined the ‘one country, two systems’ framework that underpinned  Hong Kong’s unique status, and gone against commitments China made to the international community.

“In light of this, it is important that New Zealand responds proportionately and deliberately to the passage of the national security law. “As part of that response, Cabinet has decided to suspend New Zealand’s extradition treaty with Hong Kong.


By Richard Harman

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