Covid-19 decimates UK venison market

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Covid-19 has seen the UK venison market decimated, with markets unlikely to recover to previous levels until 2023, the Scottish Venison Association (SVA) has warned.

Despite earlier reports that British venison retails sales were up by 11 per cent in 2019, worth £14.4 million, Covid-19 has severely impacted the venison market.

Dick Playfair, SVA secretary, said“On the venison front, the UK venison market has been decimated with the loss of virtually all food service, restaurant and catering business.

“Exports have also been affected.”

The association, in partnership with the Association of Deer Management Groups, carried out a survey in May to establish the impact of Covid-19 on deer management in Scotland and the likely effects of stalking income, cull plans and venison production.

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