Germany takes action to prevent further ASF spread

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The German authorities have introduced a number of measures to try and prevent any further spread of African Swine Fever, after confirmation of the first case on its soil today.

There are reportedly 18 pig farms within a 15km radius of the outbreak and the authorities are seeking to minimise the risk of spread from wild boar. The German authorities are also reportedly in discussions with trading partners, including China, about possible trade implications.

German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner confirmed the case in a wild boar found near the Polish border, close to the city of Cottbus (Brandenburg) this morning.

The German farming ministry has announced a series of strict measures to try and avoid further spread and has activated of a crisis management plan.

At a press briefing today this afternoon, Harald Altekrüger, district administrator of the Spree-Neisse district, said the carcase of the wild boar was ‘accidentally’ discovered in a harvested field.

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