New Zealand red meat exports drop

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The value of New Zealand red meat exports dropped 18% in October compared to the previous year.

The market analysis, by the Meat Industry Association, also showed that sheepmeat exports fell by 25%. A 14% fall in the value of beef exports was also reported.

Exports and co-products into the United Kingdom dropped 16%.

Meanwhile, exports to the United States saw a 15% increase.

Sirma Karapeeva, chief executive of the Meat Industry Association, said the fall was mainly in China and reflected the high prices New Zealand red meat commanded last year.

She explained that in October 2019, record amounts of meat were sent to China after African Swine Fever decimated the Chinese pig herd

“While the value of exports this October was down compared to last year, it was still higher than all other October monthly exports in recent years,” she said.

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