China’s coronavirus testing rules for frozen meats give importers a chill

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  • Companies report already-low margins are being squeezed further as they comply with stricter requirements, despite WHO advice
  • Cases of imports contaminated with the virus continue to pile up and Chinese officials are taking no chances
China has pressed ahead with coronavirus testing on frozen meat imports, ignoring World Health Organization recommendations and causing headaches for global exporters.
From Ecuadorean shrimp to Russian squid, there has been no slowing in the number of positive coronavirus samples detected on frozen meat products across China, despite stricter import requirements for international firms.
China detected more than 40 batches of samples infected with the new coronavirus from more than a dozen countries between July and November, according to reports compiled by Reuters.

Nationwide random inspections yielded positive tests just 0.48 times per 10,000, Li Ning from the National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment said last week.

The cases continue to pile in. On Tuesday, Chinese customs suspended beef imports from Argentine company Ecocarnes for one week after the new coronavirus was detected on its products. The company was also ordered to take emergency preventive measures.

by Keegan Elmer

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