Brexit: Lamb sector ‘contingency planning’ for UK

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A four nations approach to “contingency planning” for the lamb sector is being discussed between the Welsh and UK governments.

NFU Cymru has criticised a lack of no-deal planning, saying “implications haven’t been taken seriously”.

The UK government said “no decisions have been taken” on sector-specific intervention.

Plaid Cymru said Welsh sheep farmers could “lose out” if a no-deal support package was coordinated at Westminster.

Speaking on S4C’s Newyddion programme, NFU Cymru’s vice-president Aled Jones said it was “very concerning”.

“I don’t think they’ve seriously considered the implications – the implications are massive.

“The agricultural sector in Wales is going to be the worst affected – we are very dependent on the sheep sector here and this is going to hit Wales worse than any other nation.”



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