COVID and Brexit checks combine to affect pig trade

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Staff absenteeism due to COVID-19 continues to be a big problem for processors and hauliers, resulting on ongoing disruption, according to Thames Valley Cambac.

“The backlog continued to grow and finished weights soared,” TVC said in its latest market update. “The average weight in the SPP sample recorded a new all time high of 89.86 kgs. Some producers are now seeing serious issues, and we are trying to alleviate pressure where we can.”

Prices eased sharply in some cases as new monthly negotiated contributions came into play. The fresh meat market was quiet, although odd outlets serving butcher type businesses saw a bit of a lockdown surge, TVC added.

COVID issues have been compounded by the new checks required for goods going from the UK to the EU. There was no cull sow market due to delays at Calais, which caused disruption leading to a deterioration in the shelf life of sow carcases, TVC added.




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