‘Excessive bureaucracy’ brings UK meat sector to standstill

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UK meat processors have warned they are experiencing major issues in exporting their products to the EU, bringing parts of the industry to a ‘complete standstill’.

Pig processors have reported that excessive bureaucracy associated with new paperwork requirements are causing delays at Dover, Calais and other ports.

With pork being a perishable product, these delays are making UK shipments unattractive to buyers in the EU, forcing processors to reject shipments and cancel future orders.

Despite the UK-EU trade deal, departure from the EU Customs Union and Single Market was always going to mean additional checks, new labelling and certification requirements and delays at ports.

While the full overall impact of the new rules is yet to be felt, as UK export volumes remain lower than normal for the time of year, the UK pig sector is already feeling the effect.

Processors have reported a number of issues, including officials at ports in the UK, France, Ireland and the Netherlands taking a far more stringent approach to assessing paperwork.



by Farming UK

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