Increased trade disruption at UK-EU border could hit farmgate prices, warns NFU

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The NFU has warned trade disruption at the UK-EU border could hit farm planning and put downward pressure on farmgate prices if it continues over the coming weeks.

The union’s director of trade and business strategy, Nick von Westenholz, pointed out farmers had so far avoided the worst consequences of haulage delays and increased paperwork, but the effects would begin to be felt if issues are not resolved in the short-term.

Speaking to peers on the EU-Environment Sub-Committee last week, he said: “One of the concerns we have is trade volumes are still at a significantly lower level than they would normally be for this time of year, although they are growing.

“While they are at lower levels, that often means product is not moving off farm. It is not being sold, it is not being traded.

“That is probably manageable in the short-term, but if it becomes embedded or structural, that is going to start creating issues for farmers.”



by Abi Kay / Farmers Guardian

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