Abattoir Sector Group established to support local UK slaughterhouse network

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An Abattoir Sector Group (ASG) has been set up to help develop a thriving network of local abattoirs across the UK.

The group was formed following a recommendation in the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare’s (AGPAW) report, The Future for Small Abattoirs in the UK.

The intention is to work with Governments across the UK as they formulate new policies, ensuring they are aware of the importance of small abattoirs in maintaining high animal welfare standards, supporting sustainable farming and meeting the rising demand for local meat.

The ASG will also seek access to funding and share best practice to help small abattoirs play a vital role in local food production.

Members of the ASG steering group include Fir Farm’s Lady Parker, who works with the Sustainable Food Trust and is in the process of getting a mobile abattoir up and running; Christopher Price, chief executive of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust; John Mettrick from National Craft Butchers; Professor Tim Morris from the Animal Health and Welfare Board England and small abattoir operators based in England, Scotland and Wales.



by Abbi Kay / Farmers Guardian

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