Tesco and Asda told to improve British pork offering

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Pig producers have urged Tesco and Asda to up the quantity of British pork on their shelves after a survey found a large proportion was imported.

According to a recent shelf-watch survey by NFU Scotland, less than half of the fresh pork on sale in the two retailers was British.

The union said the statistic was ‘shocking’ for the pork sector, as both supermarket chains had a ‘strong commitment to source other meats from the UK’.

It comes as the UK pork sector continues to face disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while exports have been made more challenging because of Brexit.

Prices have fallen below the cost of production, exacerbated by cheaper supplies being sourced from Europe.

NFU Scotland said both farmers and consumers deserved reassurances that British and Scottish pork would be readily available on every shop shelf.




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