Situation improving in pork plants amid positive market signs

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The situation is starting to get better in UK pork plants, according to Thames Valley Cambac. 

While not problem free, last week saw a ‘vast improvement’ on previous weeks, with little rolled and we start the new trading week with a ‘straight edge’, TVC said in its latest market update.

“Most processors planned near to or at contract numbers – one of the first signs that demand is starting to improve,” TVC said.

“The slow return to normality with schools reopening will hopefully have a positive effect on demand. Supplies were a touch tighter although weights were still close to record levels.”

Prices generally stood on with the latest SPP recording its first positive movement since last July. The fresh meat market showed signs of improvement, with decent demand from many, while the cull sow market continued its meteoric rise adding another 10p on the back of improved continental prices.

Prices in Europe continued to fly with Germany up another 10 eurocents, and near neighbours up 6 and 7 eurocents. Germany also announced their first export deal outside Europe since ASF, agreeing with Vietnam that the country is regionalised by state.

Price quotes in sterling were compromised by a weaker Euro that ended the week down 0.75p at 86.30p.



by Alistair Driver / Pig World

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