Strong demand and tight supplies boost pork market

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Strong underlying demand and tight supply continues to support the market, with price rises seen across the board, according to Thames Valley Cambac. 

Most of the major processors viewed Easter as a small inconvenience, and planned to work right through, TVC said in its latest weekly market update.

“This indicates that underlying demand is excellent, and that was reflected in prices where weekly contributions increased 3p and contracts were also helped by a near penny rise in the SPP. Supplies remained on the tight side and average weights continue to trend lower – the latest SPP sample weight being the lowest in 3 months,” it said.

“The fresh meat trade was buoyant with good demand seen nationwide. Prices improved across the board, and some orders remained unfulfilled.”

The cull sow market was affected by the holiday close down on the continent, but prices stood on. In Europe, France and Ireland saw decent increases, but price quotes in sterling were compromised by a weaker Euro that ended the week down 0.31p at 85.19p.

It was still a struggle for any 7kg weaners outside of contract commitments as accommodation is still at a premium.

Demand for 30kg stores was good, however, with many fatteners trying to back fill gaps in their systems. Prices of 30 kgs stores improved a touch as a result.



by Alistair Driver / Pig World

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