Pork industry joins forces with European food companies in threatening to boycott Brazilian products due to land reforms

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A group of around 40 major food companies and representative organisations have joined forces in issuing a warning to the Brazilian Government over controversial land reforms.

The letter, signed by the NPA, leading UK pork processors Cranswick and Pilgrim’s UK, various UK retailers, Red Tractor, the Agricultural Industries Confederation and other major food companies across Europe, warns that the European businesses will stop sourcing products like soya from the country if it presses ahead with the legislation.

The letter has generated a significant amount of publicity today, including featuring prominently in BBC news and online, which the signatories hope will increase the pressure on Brazil.

It calls on the Brazil Government to reject a bill that would allow land that has been illegally occupied after 2014 to be put up for sale. This would potentially allow illegal occupants to buy it, which the signatories fear could result in an increase in deforestation for the purposes of raising beef cattle or growing soya, in both cases, primarily for export.

A similar letter was sent last year, ahead of the expected introduction of the bill, but the legislation was withdrawn.

The letter urges the Brazilian government to reconsider its proposal. “We were heartened by your previous decision to withdraw the proposal before it was brought to the floor,” it says.




by Alistair Driver / Pig World

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