Chinese firm serves up lab-grown pork

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SHANGHAI, Sept 3 (Reuters) Chinese firm serves up lab-grown pork in world’s top meat market.

Chinese startup CellX unveiled a selection of lab-grown pork dishes on Friday and said it was aiming to produce the more environmentally friendly meat at competitive prices for the world’s top meat-eating nation by 2025.

Investors were invited to taste one of the prototypes produced in its Shanghai lab from cells harvested from China’s native black pig.

“The taste is on the bland side … but overall it’s not bad,” said Li Peiying, a guest who tested the minced pork blended with plant protein.

Cultured meat, or meat grown from animal muscle cells in a lab, could significantly reduce the environmental impact of farming animals, say its proponents, while also avoiding welfare issues and disease.

China in particular, which consumed 86 million tonnes of meat in 2020 or about 30% of global demand, is in urgent need of a cleaner meat supply to meet its carbon goals, says CellX.

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