Lamb price dips despite lower numbers

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New-season liveweight lamb prices fell in the week to Tuesday, with markets seeing an SQQ average of 225.29p/kg.

This was a 9.6p/kg drop on a 6% lower throughput than the previous week. The fall came mostly in the first two days of the week, when the average was 6p/kg lower than for the week to Saturday (11 September).

The week to Saturday price showed the second consecutive weekly fall, after a steady trade since mid-August, and put the SQQ average about 20p up on year-ago levels.

Demand remains strong, however, especially for best export types. Finished lamb throughputs have been lower than in 2020 for most weeks since the new-season lamb crop started coming to market in significant numbers.

A very small drop in cull ewe numbers in markets for the week ended Tuesday saw trade hold steady at just over £76.50 a head.



By Suzie Horne and Charlie Taverner / Farmers Weekly

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