Sheep prices fall, throughputs lower

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Both liveweight and deadweight sheep prices fell in the latest week, although there were lower throughputs in the markets, and a lower estimated slaughter. Similar to other meat sectors there are various challenges currently which may be bring downward pressure to prices.

  • Ongoing staff shortages for the slaughter line and boning hall
  • Lorry driver shortages across the supply chain.
  • There are also reports that demand from the continent is limited at the moment.

The GB liveweight SQQ fell by nearly 5p in the week ending 22 September, to average 218.19p/kg. Auction market throughputs were 100,400 head, 8% lower than in the previous week and over a fifth lower than the same week last year.

Deadweight prices didn’t fair any better, falling by 18.5p/kg in the week ending 18 September to average 508.4p/kg. Estimated slaughter at GB abattoirs was 238,500 head, 1% fewer than in the previous week and 8% down on the same week last year.

Estimated clean sheep slaughter in the year so far is 7.8 million head, 11% down on 2020. In a typical year we would now be in the heart of peak kill season, but kill levels have not picked up the way we would expect.

There is no reason to think the lambs are not out there, so the question is when will they come forwards?




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