Kenilworth abattoir set for ‘major expansion’

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A Kenilworth abattoir is hoping to begin a “major expansion” just to stay in business following the impact of Brexit.

Farmers Fresh on Rouncil Lane has applied to build a new refrigeration unit needed to make sure the business can cope with new regulations on storage times.

If plans are approved a new two-storey office will be built on site, with the current offices converted into more fridge space, with an extra storey added.

But directors said the big investment was needed just to stop staff from burning out.

“Because of new rules the timing between slaughter and sending out has become much longer,” a Farmers Fresh spokesperson said.

“So that makes it harder to produce stuff, as it comes in the front door and isn’t going straight out the back door.

“It is a major expansion that is necessary to keep this business running. We are not doing it to increase profits, it is just to keep the wheels turning.”

With increased storage times of fresh meat now required before shipping, the 80 staff members at Farmer Fresh have been working flat out for the past few months just to meet their orders.

And whilst the increased fridge space may allow production to increase, the company said it was vital just to stay in production.

The spokesperson added: “Production may go up 10 per cent, but the bigger thing is that we wont be so overworked.

“Essentially without this we are done because we will burn out.”



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