Russia destroys Ukraine’s poultry industry

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Ukraine poultry companies report major losses caused by the Russian invasion and direct attacks on poultry production assets and warehouses.

Ukraine’s largest egg producer, Avangard, said that the Russian aggression caused significant losses in production capacity, with several key egg farms shut down and destroyed, while at some operational farms the birds were left without feed and “condemned to death”. To date, the overall financial losses the company sustained have reached 1.5 billion hryvnias (US$51 million).

Almost the entire flock slaughtered

“In particular, Europe’s largest egg cluster, Chornobayivska in Kherson Region, has lost the ability to feed the birds, transport workers to the farm and ship finished products to customers due to military action by the Russian Federation, which threatens to kill the birds and cause an environmental disaster,” Avangard said.

The egg farm has been completely cut off from the power supply and production has been suspended. Some of the finished products and laying hens were given away to the local population amid the heavy shelling, but most of the flock was slaughtered as it was impossible to continue feeding birds, the company said.


by Poultry World

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