Warning of 15% inflation as feed prices soar

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Food security is set to crumble in light of potential hyper-inflation caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine, according to the boss of the UK’s largest poultry manufacturing company.

Ronald Kers, 2 Sisters Food Group CEO, said he believed hyper-inflation could be the highest since the 1970’s oil crisis with food inflation rocketing to 15% by the middle of this year.

The unfolding Ukrainian agricultural crisis could have massive repercussions for global commodity supply and Kers is urging cross-territorial collaboration to insulate states from future geo-political crises.

The Ukrainian crisis will result in “a threat to food security”

Commenting on the Ukrainian crisis, Kers spoke of an incredibly worrying time for colleagues and supply chain partners in the country: “This conflict brings a major threat to food security in the UK and there is no doubt the outcome of this is that consumers will suffer as a result. War disrupts the free flow of trade and the impacts for us are severe. For example, the input costs of producing chicken – with feed being the biggest component – have rocketed. Prices from the farm gate have already risen by almost 50% in a year.

“Before this war began, 4-5% food inflation was being forecast by mid-2022. But we could now see a hyper-inflationary environment at closer to 10-15% – more than it has been for 50 years – if this conflict isn’t resolved quickly.


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