Irish pig producers to receive new aid package

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Irish pig producers will receive a further aid package worth around €13m (£10.9m) as farmers there continue to see losses due to surging costs.

The new package will provide farmers up to €70,000 (£58.9k), but access to it is conditional on them cutting production by 10%, according to Irish media reports.

The Teagasc Forecast Cashflows estimate that the average pig farm is losing nearly €60,000 (£50.5k) each month.

This is largely due to the unprecedented and rapid escalation of feed costs since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) welcomed the aid, it said a mandatory reduction on farmers would be ‘totally opposed’.

The body also raised concerns that the aid amount would not be enough to sustain the sector.


by FarmingUK 

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