Beef producers share their concerns over future support

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Beef producers who attended a beef industry conference located near Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland conversed about their concerns about the future saying they are gambling on making the right decisions, with no defined guidance from the Scottish Government.

SAC Consulting’s Leslie Wylie, a beef specialist located in Forfar, has said that farmers are now faced with escalating input costs, which in turn are affecting the profitability of the sector, with this in mind there is no clear message from the Government about how they should plan for future policy.

While speaking at an industry meeting at Cairnborrow Farm Leslie Wylie said: “That’s a real challenge when you’re looking at your business and you don’t know which way the government will or won’t support you.”

“Making changes in those circumstances is a big gamble and many farmers are at a loss to know how to move forward.”

In her address to farmers, she touched on the opportunities to look at systems that may make beef producers less vulnerable to any future price movements.


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