Welsh lamb’s bid to be the best with a little help from latest technology

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The latest technology has been designed to help Welsh farmers ensure the reputation of Wales’s most renowned product – Welsh Lamb.

Current trials in Aberystwyth are being deployed to assess the tenderness of Welsh Lamb – this is the latest stage of the trial named, Welsh Lamb Meath Quality Project – this trial is led by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), and the trial is funded by the Welsh Government and EU.

The project will be used to further improve the quality of PGI Welsh Lamb, the results of the project, due in later on this year will be used in industry discussions, to strive to enhance the quality and long standing reputation of PGI Welsh Lamb to continue being a world leading brand.

To assess the tenderness of the Welsh Lamb the scientific measurement uses the well known Warner Bratzler Shear Force method.

The trials are been carried out by Ibers and AberInnovation while the location is at Aberystwyth University. The well known instrumental measurement is used to measure the tenderness and the physical force that is required to cut through scientifically measured samples of cooked meat.

This analysis is part of a larger study that includes other factors assessed by a consumer panel and scientific measurement, ultimately this trial will evidence the qualities of tenderness, flavour, aroma, juiciness and overall liking of various samples of cooked lamb. Along with this the nutritional values will also be assessed and analysed.

The end goal of this trial is to focus on the elements of lamb production and processing that promote tenderness.

By: Wales Farmer

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