Perthshire farmer hailed for contribution to Charolais cattle breeding

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Major David Walter, of Balthayock Farms in Perthshire, has been awarded for his exceptional contribution to the world of Charolais cattle breeding.


The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland’s (RHASS) annual award recognises outstanding contribution to livestock breeding.

The Sir William Young Award also commemorates the service to the wider Scottish agricultural industry.

First venturing into the breed in the late 1960s, Major Walter served on the Charolais Council, becoming chairman in 1984 and president ten years after that.

Always focused on the bottom line of a balance sheet, the introduction of Breedplan into his herd let him put science ahead of fiction and rise to the top of the Charolais-breeding world.

Major Walter has topped the Stirling bull sales consistently, and one of his crowning achievements came when he sold nine bulls averaging over £15,000 each in 2018.

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