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Why China’s dog-meat market has expanded

Posted on July,17,2017 |

EVERY year during the summer solstice, a dog-eating festival takes place in Yulin, a city in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. This year’s event ended with the usual controversy. Photographs of dogs being fried or treated cruelly went viral. Animal-rights activists and American congressmen demanded that China ban the eating of dogs and cats, […]


Heavy Lambs – the year so far

Posted on June,30,2017 |

There have been more old season lambs this year compared to last, and they have been heavier. The number of finished old season lambs sold at auction rose by 4.4% in the period from January up until the end of May 2017, compared to last year, and the number of them being classified as heavier […]


The Chicken Economy

Posted on June,16,2017 |

2017 is the Chinese year of the chicken. This year, the best estimate suggests a record 94 million tonnes of chicken meat will be produced   That’s roughly 52 billion chickens. In the last 50 years, chicken has moved from being a rare food item, too perishable to mass market, to a staple of protein-rich (and […]