UK Farmers concerned over Brexit

Posted on August,23,2017 | 0 Comments

Britain’s farmers have second thoughts on Brexit   Most British farmers voted for Brexit in last year’s referendum on European Union membership. That’s according to some informal, unscientific online surveys. If true, this looks a little odd. British farmers seem likely to suffer disproportionately from the United Kingdom’s decision to pull out of the EU, […]


Why China’s dog-meat market has expanded

Posted on July,17,2017 | 0 Comments

EVERY year during the summer solstice, a dog-eating festival takes place in Yulin, a city in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. This year’s event ended with the usual controversy. Photographs of dogs being fried or treated cruelly went viral. Animal-rights activists and American congressmen demanded that China ban the eating of dogs and cats, […]


India’s controversial cattle sales ban heading to supreme court

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India’s controversial cattle sales ban heading to supreme court India’s Supreme Court will hear a petition next week challenging the Indian Government’s controversial notification that bans sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter. full story: Beef Central


EU to audit all Brazilian meat imports

Posted on June,13,2017 | 0 Comments

Responding to the publication of details of a recent EU audit of Brazil meat exports, Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan has said there will now be 100% sampling of meat being imported in the EU from the country. It is understood EU inspectors this week finalised an audit of Brazilian meat in the […]


Most salmonella cases caused by raw poultry

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Most cases of infection result from handling raw poultry or eating undercooked poultry. It takes just a little amount of bacteria to cause illness. Another common method for the infection to spread is through cross-contamination. This is when raw poultry is prepared on work surfaces or chopping boards that have not been properly washed between […]


Norfolk abattoir under investigation

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A south Norfolk abattoir is being investigated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over the killing of horses. Norfolk Meat Traders, of Banham, is currently not operating as a slaughterhouse while the investigation takes place. The FSA was due to go to Norwich Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday in relation to horse meat that was unfit […]


FSA advice on pork and pork products

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Official FSA Press Release       Following media reports this morning we wanted to remind consumers of our advice about cooking pork thoroughly. We always advise that whole cuts of pork, pork products and offal should be thoroughly cooked until steaming hot throughout, the meat is no longer pink and juices run clear. This […]


Huge fire breaks out at meat plant

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Firefighters are tackling a “significant” blaze at the McKechnie Jess meat processing factory in Inverclyde. The fire broke out on Wednesday around 3.20am. Fire crews were still at the scene hours later with the roof of the factory reportedly collapsing. Around 30 firefighters and six appliances attended the scene of the meat manufacturer to try […]


Butcher hits back over minimum wage fine

Posted on February,28,2017 | 0 Comments

The owner of a butchers in St Ives said he almost had to close his doors after being forced to pay out thousands of pounds to staff following a government crackdown. Stephen’s Family Butchers, in Station Road says it has been penalised for failing to pay £3,542.90 to three workers. Owner Stephen Alsford said: “We […]


FSA seeks to reassure consumers on meat reports

Posted on February,24,2017 | 0 Comments

The Food Standards Agency  has said recent reports about contaminated meat entering the food chain do not ‘give a complete picture’ and have sought to reassure consumers that the meat they eat is safe.   It was reported that one in four slaughterhouses are failing to take basic hygiene precautions to stop contaminated meat reaching […]