What The Heck? worst football kit ever?

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Football team sponsored by Heck sausages accused of having ‘worst kit of all time’   An amateur football team sponsored by Heck sausages has caused a stir with their new brightly coloured kit, which critics say makes them look like sausages. The Yorkshire team, Bedale AFC, won sponsorship from Heck after it build a factory […]



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To help businesses maximise value and quality from the beef carcase, AHDB has drawn on years of master butchery experience to create a new Beef Muscle Guide. Despite the beef carcase becoming leaner and changing shape over the years, muscle groups remain the same. Each individual muscle has its own characteristics and can produce specific […]


The Chicken Economy

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2017 is the Chinese year of the chicken. This year, the best estimate suggests a record 94 million tonnes of chicken meat will be produced   That’s roughly 52 billion chickens. In the last 50 years, chicken has moved from being a rare food item, too perishable to mass market, to a staple of protein-rich (and […]



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More than a quarter of Brits would like to see more lamb and beef steaks on the barbecue this summer. However, British barbecues have also been voted the worst in the world with burnt food, backseat BBQ-ers and drunk arguments cited as the top niggles – in a survey for Simply Beef and Lamb. In a […]


Cranswick confident about Brexit

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Upmarket sausage and bacon producer Cranswick announced a big jump in exports, boosted by the weak pound and strong demand for British pork, and said it is well prepared for the Brexit era. The Hull-based firm said exports to the Far East leaped 49 per cent while overall exports rose 38 per cent. Cranswick’s chief […]


Australian meat board focuses on UK trade deal

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Meat & Livestock Australia MLA has seized on the opportunity provided by recent political developments in the United Kingdom  to push forward the campaign for non-discriminatory market access for Australian beef and lamb. MLA Managing Director Richard Norton said Brexit and the UK’s decision to call a snap general election for early June added new […]


AHDB challenged over British lamb promotion

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  NFU livestock board chairman Charles Sercombe has challenged AHDB to come before the union and explain what it has achieved for levy payers over the last two years. The gauntlet was thrown down after delegates at the NFU council meeting accused the body of not doing enough to promote British lamb. Mr Sercombe said […]


NZ and UK lamb producers in trade deal link-up talks

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New Zealand’s powerful meat promotional body has begun discussions with UK producer groups about the possibility of collaborating on post-Brexit lamb deals to third countries. According to Sam McIvor, the chief executive of Beef and Lamb New Zealand (BLNZ), negotiations started some months ago, and this week BLNZ representatives met Phil Stocker, the chief executive […]


NZ lamb shortage drives up prices

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A drop in slaughter rates in New Zealand, the world’s largest exporter of lamb meat, has pushed up prices to multi-year highs in export markets. Benchmark frozen lamb prices for legs, french racks, forequarters and flaps all lifted in March, according to AgriHQ’s latest monthly sheep & beef report. Demand for lamb in overseas markets […]


Co-op in Wales commits to PGI Welsh lamb and beef

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From May this year, the Co-op will stock more than 30 lines of own-branded PGI Welsh Lamb and Beef. The move represents a near doubling in the volume of Welsh meat available in Welsh stores compared to just over 12 months ago. Wyn Evans, NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman,  applauded this announcement from the Co-op. […]