Farmers to picket at factory today despite visiting Chinese delegation

Posted on August,31,2019 | 0 Comments

A visiting Chinese delegation inspecting Irish meat-processing plants may witness a stand-off at one facility today after efforts to broker a temporary lifting of the picket were rejected. Protesters outside ABP in Bandon, Co Cork, have been engaged in the demonstrations over beef prices and had said they would suspend their actions. Accountant Kieran Coughlan, […]


Tulip sold to Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation for £290million

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Tulip Limited employees more than 6,000 people The meat processing company Tulip Limited, which employs hundreds of people in Cornwall, has been sold for £290million. Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation has announced that it has signed a contract to acquire Tulip Limited from Danish Crown. read the full story – Cornwall Live Gayle McDonald


What The Heck? worst football kit ever?

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Football team sponsored by Heck sausages accused of having ‘worst kit of all time’   An amateur football team sponsored by Heck sausages has caused a stir with their new brightly coloured kit, which critics say makes them look like sausages. The Yorkshire team, Bedale AFC, won sponsorship from Heck after it build a factory […]