British R3 heifer prices highest in Europe

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During the week ending September 9, the average R3 heifer price in the EU was 384.5c/kg – an increase of 2.4c/kg from 382.1c/kg in the week ending August 12. According to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC), Britain moved into first place on the league table during the week ending September 9, with an equivalent […]


Russia halts import of Bulgarian meat products

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Russia’s Federal Veterinary Service  has halted the import of meat products from Bulgaria. The decision was taken due to concerns about the recent discovery of the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus in Bulgarian pigs. The restrictions also apply to live pigs, pig embryos and boar sperm, as well as sheep and goat products. full story  Yoan Stanev


Fairfax Meadow recalls products after FSA inspections

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Derby-based Fairfax Meadow has begun the voluntary withdrawal of some of its meat products from its customers in the catering trade following unannounced inspections by the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland on Thursday 8 February. Fairfax’s customers include Jurys Inn, Greene King, Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Giraffe restaurants, Nando’s and Wetherspoons. The firm, which […]


What’s your beef? Europe, Latin American trade talks falter

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 A battle over beef between the European Union, Argentina and Brazil could push trade talks beyond a year-end deadline and lead to further years of delay. Beef is the main sticking point. Mercosur countries want their farmers to sell more of their beef in Europe to compensate for a rise in industrial imports. EU farming […]


NZ lamb exports to UK drop to record low

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New Zealand lamb exporters are eschewing the weak UK market in favour of other more lucrative trading destinations, pushing the volume of meat sent to what was once the nation’s biggest export market to a record low last month. “The UK lamb market is slowly becoming less pivotal to NZ exporters,” AgriHQ analyst Reece Brick […]


Rabbit meat a solution for Venezuela’s meat shortage

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Caracas: Venezuela’s crippling economic crisis means that eating meat is a luxury for many, but the Maduro government believes it has the answer with a plan to breed and consume rabbits. “For animal protein, which is such an important issue, a ‘rabbit plan’ has been approved because rabbits also breed like rabbits,” President Nicolas Maduro joked […]


Lamb prices back as factories get ready for Eid festival

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Ireland: This week will see one of the biggest kills of the year as factories push more numbers though the system in anticipation of the Muslim festival of Eid. The factories have maintained that there “are a lot of sheep around”, while also stating “that the market has become very difficult because of big UK […]


Wholesaler blasts competition watchdog over Tesco deal

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Competition investigators have been attacked for failing to adequately tackle Tesco’s proposed takeover of wholesale giant Booker. There have been warnings that the merger could destabilise the whole food retail sector. Steve Parfett, chairman of the £300million Parfetts wholesale business, said the deal should have set alarm bells ringing at the Competition & Markets Authority […]


Horsemeat secretly mixed with beef in national scandal

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Horsemeat was unknowingly sold by supermarkets across the UK after a gang of three men secretly mixed it with beef and then falsified documents, a court has heard. The specific chain of events that led horsemeat to enter the food chain, sending shockwaves through the British food industry, has been publicly outlined for the first […]


London Butcher of 54 years is told to leave

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A butcher who built his own shop 54 years ago and has supplied generations of residents found himself locked out last Thursday, eight months after being told he would have to leave. Gary Petts, 77, has been told he can retrieve meat in the freezer at the back of the shop in Westmoreland Road, Walworth, […]