Deighton Flavasava AF75 Meat Cooker

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Deighton Flavasava AF75 Meat Cooker

Deighton Flavasava AF75 Meat Cooker

Suitable for cooking joints of meat including hams, beef, turkey, chicken, pork and black puddings etc.

The Deighton Flavasava AF75 cooks meats at low temperatures for longer periods of time to reduce wastage, maintain quality and increase profits. It is possible to cook different products at the same time by using cooking bags producing traditional roasting finishes without the shrinkage.

Features of this cooker include;

■ Stainless Steel construction
■ Accurate variable temp
■ Long life element fitted outside the tank
■ Electronic thermostat
■ Programmable time clock
■ Electric Single Phase

The Deighton Flavasava AF75 is ideal for cooking meats in butchers shops, catering businesses and restaurants.


For further information please contact our sales team on:
+44 (0)1284 725255

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