NSX 3.1 Jacob White Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

Contact: 01706 815040
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  •  The NS-X 3.1 semiautomatic machine, upon demand from the operator, will automatically pick and erect cartons by means of a rotary motion vacuum system; it will then place the open carton into the continuously moving flighted chains.
  • The flaps are then formed on the non-load side and folded open on the load side for the operator to easily insert the product. After loading, glue is applied to the bottom major flaps on both sides, the top and bottom flaps are then brought together automatically to ensure a fully closed and sealed carton. The cartons are discharged from the cartoner by powered side belts.
  • Main Frame/Shafts and guides constructed from Stainless Steel for all environments
  • Extensive, variable speed range subject to size and board quality
  • Large size range, No change parts required
  • Quick size change, all change over points fitted with quick release and digital readouts for easy change over
  • Loading station fitted with overload protection
  • Output- Variable dependent on carton and product.
  • Carton closure-Hot melt adhesive, Jet glue application
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