Retail (CPM) Line Leaders

Company: Kepak
Location: Wales
Salary: Competitive depending on experience
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Job Description:


Responsible for the daily operation of CPM production lines and teams within the CPM halls ensuring that all KPI’s are achieved. Activities include but are not limited to: machine set up and running; quality control; data input; batch paperwork completion; liaising with support teams; minimising downtime; clear communication. The Line Leader will ensure that product quality is maintained at all times and is directly responsible for communicating the actual line requirements to the production team.


The Line Leader will ensure that the production plan is delivered so that our customer gets what they want, when they want it and within specification. They will also be a role model to their the reports, leading by example in relation to Safety, Quality, People, Delivery and Cost. This is a hands on role where you will lead the team by working with the team.


Expected attributes:

 Strong work ethic

 To be able to actively reduce costs through solutions.

 Demonstrate Leadership behaviours at all times.

 Display a high sense of urgency and speed of action.

 Does not wait to be asked or told, but identify what needs to be done.

 Always have a can do attitude.

 Clear understanding of (English written and spoken)

 Adhere to business core values.


Responsibilities / KPI’s:


With respect to Production metrics ensure support is given to the Supervisor as follows:

  • Efficiencies: Through the SIC process, escalate any unresolved issues affecting line/ team performance to the Supervisor and carry out actions that have been agreed in order to correct any losses.
  • Giveaways: Monitor product giveaways and ensure targets are met. Escalate any issues affecting giveaways to the Supervisor.
  • Waste: Monitor waste through the mass balance reports and support the investigation/actioning of any non-conforming processes/ products in order to reduce waste and ensure that Batch Yield is on target.
  • Labour costs: Manage the labour manning levels of their production line/ team and support the Supervisor in efforts to improve this labour cost.
  • Delivery On Time (DOT): Be aware of despatch requirements. Make sure the Supervisor is aware of unplanned events that will affect DOT and service level.
  • Customer Complaints: Deviations from quality should be actioned in order to minimise the risk of customer complaints. Assist in implementation of corrective actions when required.
  • Audit Ready: Ensure production area is audit ready at all times through effective GMP control.
  • CCP’s: Ensure any issues regarding CCP’s are highlighted immediately to the QA team and Supervisor. Ensure all checks are completed at the required time intervals and to the required standard.
  • Ensure all documentation is logged correctly.
  • Ensure all product/batch is cleared from the end of line prior to the start of the next product/batch.
  • Escalation of any product quality issues to Supervisor, with solutions.


Manage the daily production function of the line/ team particularly planned and unplanned changes and non-standard work including:

  • Escalate any issues to the Supervisor to ensure restraints to production/ team work are dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure that Full Traceability is achieved for every batch of product through accurate recording of paperwork.
  • Reporting of issues constraining production/ team work along with solutions.
  • Escalation of issues at the SIC meeting or other forums that require support in order to address.



  • Support the Supervisor in the implementation and improvement of procedures and processes to ensure required standards of work are met and adhered to.
  • Assist the Supervisor in progressing the teams development needs through cross training and continuous assessment of training needs.
  • Provide recommendations to training function for all line operators.
  • Ensure effective lines of communications are in place between the Line Leaders line/ team and the department management team.


Daily personnel management including:

  • Monitoring of staff performance and escalation of any poor/ under performance.
  • Positive motivation of direct reports.
  • Proactively engage the Supervisor with ideas for personal development


Continuous Improvement:


  • Ensure the culture of continuous improvement is maintained and developed in their respective area through participation in department initiatives, including 6S, SIC, Standard Work and Process Improvement processes.
  • Have an active role in the writing of line based SOP’s providing accurate information to ensure the procedures are accurate.


Health & Safety:

  • Be familiar with the company’s Health and Safety Programme and carry it out effectively


Ensure that there is adequate supervision available at all times, that all safety rules are observed, that all safety devices are fitted and effective, and that protective clothing/equipment is worn or used correctly.


  • Ensure that all personnel are competent to carry out their work, are fully aware of all hazards, are fully instructed in emergency procedures and are aware of safety requirements in their work area.
  • Assist in the investigation of accidents and near misses promptly to discover their cause and eliminate their recurrence.
  • Ensure that all machinery and equipment is properly maintained and safe for use and that there is good housekeeping in the department
  • Consider any representation about Health and Safety from employees and liaise with the department management team to drive a culture of Continuous Improvement from a safety perspective.


The company offers apprenticeships, internal training, pension,  hot and cold canteen, annual leave of 28 days increasing to 31 when passed probation.

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